My Services

There are many advantages to have your outfit made-to-measure or a personal alteration as you get exactly what you really want: a one-off unique individually designed, detailed and beautifully finished outstanding item.

These are some of the services I provide:

Made to Measure


  • Create for you or your guests any extensions, add sleeves or modesty pieces or make extensions to a neck line for religious reasons View some examples here…
  • Modernise your hats and hand bags
  • Add lace, hand-beaded dresses or even bead your shoes View some examples here…

As a part of my services I am also specialised in professional, top quality bespoke tailoring and design alteration service for ladies, gents and children.

I can re-model, re-style or re-size your existing clothing including:
  • Any Couture designer garments
  • Vintage and beading dresses
  • Real leather and suede clothes
  • Real or imitation fur coats and hats
  • Invisible mending and repair tear on any fabric.